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The difference between scam sites offering drivers licenses and real Novelty Card websites.
March 27, 2012 - PRLog -- There are many websites including Australian websites which offer Fake ID or  "Novelty ID". There are also websites offering replica drivers licenses.

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The problem is that all websites which offer drivers licenses for sale are scams. Think about it - Would the Australian government really let a website stay around for years selling Fake Drivers Licenses from a website - No! They would report the website and get it shut down within weeks and arrest the Fake ID creators.

There are websites, however, offering Novelty Cards which are completely legal to both buy and sell and usually feature a hologram and other real looking features. When you buy a Novelty Card from one of these websites you must usually abide by their requirements including that you will not attempt to use the card in any fraudulent or deceiving manner.

Worldwide there are hundreds of these sites offering all kinds of different quality and service but in Australia there only is one reputable business.
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One such website offering Novelty Fake IDs is www.fakeid.net.au ( http://www.fakeid.net.au). They offer Age Proof, NSW Fake ID, Victorian Fake ID and others. All cards feature holograms and shipping and the total cost for all this - $60. You simply click order, upload your picture and details, pay the $60 and your card should reach you in a matter of days.

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