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A website that is selling fake IDs to under-18s for just $60 is back in operation just three years after it was closed down by police.

Fakies.com.au, a website that claims to produce the ‘original and the best’ forms of fake identification was shut down in 2013 during a raid on a Melbourne home.

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However, the website is now open for business again and is using Facebook to promote the sale of fake IDs and proof of age cards for Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and New Zealand.

The business appears to be operating out of Melbourne and is offering ‘’full-faced photo holograms', making them harder to distinguish from real identification cards.

All it takes for a teenager to order one is a few simple clicks of their mouse and an upload of a photo and they will have an ID card sent to them.
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At no stage does anyone need to prove they are over 18.

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Depending on the timeframe the customer orders their card, they could have it within 2 days.
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It is claimed that the Fakies.com.au website uses a high-grade printer to produce the cards to make them appear similar to those produced by government authorities such as Vic Roads or the RTA.

However, despite boasting about the quality of its fake IDs, the website has taken the unusual step of claiming that its cards are simply for 'novelty' purposes.

'None of the Fake ID cards ordered from Fakies.com.au are to be used or presented as identification,' the website states.

The website also includes a number of reports from 'happy customers' who speak of how 'quickly' the cards arrived and how 'sick' they look.

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Former Neighbours star Darius Perkins has passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Perkins' family confirmed that the 54 year old died on Wednesday.

Perkins won the Logie for Best Juvenile Performance for his part in the series, All The Rivers Run, in 1984.

Darius Perkins first appeared on Neighbours in 1985 as the original Scott Robinson, and he starred in over 50 episodes before the part was played by Jason Donovan.

After Neighbours, Perkins played Gary Samuels in Home And Away, and was also in The Sullivans, Prisoner, A Country Practice and The Flying Doctors.

Perkins returned to Neighbours in 2013, playing Marty Kranic in a month long guest role.

Perkins will be remembered as a great mate with a beautiful soul. Close friend and Neighbours co-star David Clencie spoke to the Herald Sun.

“We had this incredible bond. We were mates to the very end,” Mr Clencie told The Herald Sun.

“He was completely selfless. We had a wonderful time when we last saw each other, spending five hours talking in a local restaurant.

“I am so sad, really devastated to lose my mate.”